Solve your biggest pain points
with Conexie

Provide important information effectively

Conexie is a single, reliable point for all incoming and outgoing connections between you, your staff and your customers.


Our goal is to provide the same efficiency as automated response systems, but with a distinctly human feel. While your customers receive the information they need, your time is instead spent solving the bigger issues.


Things change and you need to be able to communicate those changes dynamically. Conexie offers the power of a custom app capable of sending push notifications without the cost.


Learn more about your customers

Conexie offers you clear insights into your customers’ behaviours and preferences. This perspective allows you to make smart decisions and predict their needs.


Deep engagement with your customers offers your partners the kind of value they’re looking for. Data and detail are proven ways to show your partners a return on their investment in you.


Analysing your Conexie interactions helps you to identify ‘big picture’ issues that are hard to see without data, as well as dependable feedback – not an angry rant!


Conexie is the standard that your customers expect. Don’t keep them waiting!

Features of Conexie

Asset Management

Use people power to find out about issues with your assets before they become a big problem with our reporting function
Protect your channel with a codeword so that only permitted users can make maintenance reports
Manage risk by ensuring that problems can be addressed as soon as they are discovered
Toilets dirty? Light bulb blown? Bin overflowing? Users can direct these reports to the right person without the hassle of figuring out who to speak to.


Direct Dynamic Updates

Broadcast updates about altered opening hours, special events that are about to commence, or even major safety issues
Build organic FAQs that update as questions are asked – no need to read people’s minds
If a particular question-answer node is being accessed regularly, send a push notification to clarify this for everyone
Promote directly to the people who want to hear from you


Gather the opinions of the people who matter most


Capture people’s problems before they turn into a rant


Manage sentiment toward your business by keeping your finger on the pulse


Gain deep insight into the motivations and needs of your customers


Made changes recently? Find out what your customers think


Data Collection

Improve your business by using real data presented in an easy-to-understand report


Justify your budget with genuine data and feedback


Share insights and customer profiles with your partners to add value


Market to a qualified audience Use data to give your audience the information they want and need


Identify pain points using concrete statistics


Prevent problems before they happen by identifying trends in your data

Manage people and projects

Track the progress of a project by marking discrete tasks as complete or incomplete


Engage staff, volunteers and fundraisers by keeping them in the loop


Direct your people where they are needed by tracking Conexie data


Provide the information that’s needed to get the job done well