Customer Service Packages

Benefits Of Conexie’s Customers Service Solutions

  • Instant customer service channel
  • Become accessible in minutes
  • Receive only actionable reports
  • 100% of reports will be replied to
  • Use existing software and systems

Instant customer service channel

Use Conexie to un-clutter the inboxes and phone lines of your various teams by introducing a Conexie Concierge in the workflow. Conexie will acknowledge all submissions instantly, validate concerns and permit your team to focus on the urgent matters at hand.


Reports are generated and recognised instantly, thanking the user for the information they have providing, and requesting additional pictures or details if required. Conexie will manage this process on your behalf, until the report is comprehensive enough to escalate to your property management team.

Become accessible in minutes

As soon as you publish your account your customers, stake holders, participants, tenants or employees can contact you. If you make any changes to the options then there’s no need to ask them to update- they just need to open their app and they’ll see your latest version.

This is ideal for events and functions in areas or when there’s a large storm or other one-off event

Receive only actionable reports

Conexie’s customer service team will ensure you only receive valid and actionable reports, identifying and vetting false or incomplete submissions.


Conexie will request more information or pictures on your behalf to aid in the efficient conclusion of each entry, not only resulting in an economical work flow but also the positive sentiment of all parties involved.

Manage Sentiment

No matter how hard you try things will still break and while you cannot stop this you can definitely prevent the knock-on effect of poor sentiment if the issue isn’t acknowledged and actioned.


Reports submitted with Conexie to an account with Always On or Concierge activated will be acknowledged and escalated for action.

Benefits of Conexie

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No loss of control over existing relationships

Conexie is a communication platform, so we do not get involved in the allocation of resources. You can maintain all existing relationships, Conexie just enables you to communicate with them more freely.

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No software development required

Conexie is a powerful app: it works on Android and Apple phones and is updated regularly with new features.

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Instant messages, share photos and status updates

Communication is everything! We automatically connect you with all the right people then provide a platform to chat, update and share photos.

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Update instantly

Conexie’s reporting structure gives you the ability to modify the reporting options which will then render on the app as soon as it’s opened. There’s no need for your users to update their app each time you make a modification.

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Solutions & Answers

Conexie is about resolving engagements. If someone has a question to answer or a problem to report we enable you to provide them with pre-saved solutions and answers. Then if it’s more complicated nominated recipients can manage their submission/s.

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Customer Service Solution

Conexie helps you to manage your engagements effectively. If you get too many submissions, we can help you by receiving them for you in the first instance. The Conexie Customer Service team can acknowledge and validate your engagements, then escalate them to you and any other nominated recipients who can resolve them.


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