The genesis for Fixit was born from the frustration I felt when trying to communicate a simple rental property issue with my property manager. Two years later we’re a team of six and growing and reporting problems is now only one part of what we facilitate.

This post is about our pivot from Fixit to Conexie and now it’s done, what we’ve learnt from it.

Early into our journey tell-tail signs of the problems ahead were evident, yet being the eternal-optimist I plough ahead. In hindsight I should have slowed down and considered the gravity of comments like “what do you actually fix? and “how can you fix everything”. Of course it’s impossible to fix everything but it’s entirely possible to connect the people who do, so I figured we’d just educate our customers of this concept.

Soon after we garnered some national media attention on Channel 9- after which saw us receive a lot of in

terest from tradies wanting to “list on your leads referral site” except we’re not a referrals site…. “but your logo has a spanner in it”.

The final straw broke the camel’s back during a pitch to a property management firm. Following a lengthy pitch we were told “it’s great what you do but I have solid relationships with trades and I don’t want to loose those”. The answer is of course you don’t loose those relationships, we simply help you improve them with technology- however given the impression our brand and logo and pitch was implying we needed to pivot.

Aside from the above- other issues we faced and should have considered early on- www.fixit.everything was taken, so we settled on, this made us very hard to find online. Similarly, both the iOS and Google AppStores were peppered with numerous variations of apps with names containing fixit, fix-it, ifixit etc.

With all the above taken into consideration we started to look at what it is we actually do and realised quickly that the logo, brand and positioning had completely pigeonholed the true capability of our technology which was much more exciting- we had built a web and app based solution for connecting people to other people to make their lives better.

It may be someone wanting to let a cafe owner know of their good or bad experience or someone wanting to know if a shop is open on a public holiday and of course we can still accurately capture the details of something that needs repairing.

It’s very early days for Conexie but there’s a certain buzz with the team who all agree that our positioning is being received well.

If you’re interested in the steps we took to switch- check it out here