Transactional Communication


Asking and gathering actionable feedback are the engagement keys.

This white paper is about providing you actionable and ready-to-go advice by utilizing the wealth of intelligence available to you online, and creating and maintaining a communication channel between you and your customer.

Fed up with non-operable resources hanging around the web?

Our team at Conexie decided to bring together some of the best tips they have experienced not only as marketers but as citizens of Sydney.

Boring, complicated, and endless communication processes can’t be applied to SME (Small and Medium sized enterprises) – Why?

1_  No time (obviously)

2_  Too much information is lost – Customers want the things to be easy. (obviously)

You might think that you could just get away with thinking that if someone wants to communicate with you, they will find a way → this is not good, in fact, terrible. However, there are a staggering 90 billion ideas just waiting for you over there.

That’s the collective intelligence!


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