Why Conexie?

  • Raw data is everywhere, harnessing it can be complicated and time consuming. Conexie centralises all these inputs on a single platform
  • Obtaining data can be costly, especially if it’s not used. Conexie humanises this information by turning it into easy to understand visual dashboards made available to everyone with a common interest, even if they’re unknown to each other.
  • Actioning insights requires collaboration and communication, Conexie takes the powerful insights and curates the distribution of information to assure the right people, have the right information at the right time.
  • Wisdom is the difference between good and bad decisions. When you can be confident that your teams are seamlessly connected and have powerful information at their fingertips, you can be assured they are always acting with wisdom.
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What Our Customers Say?

“With the Australian solar industry being one of the most saturated markets, it’s become confusing for clients to understand the benefits a better relationship with energy can provide.

To be able to understand what a green energy asset does for your day to day life is important, Conexie’s easy to use interface and simple presentation of energy use has been a game changer for me and my company’s sales process leading into the continuity of a positive post installation relationship with my commercial and residential clients.

Many options for clients to monitor their solar, for me there is only one. A great product backed by a great company ethos, I am proud to endorse this business along side ours and I expect in years to come, Conexie to be a part of every Australian home as we move towards more intelligent energy management”

Sam Gostelow
General Manager
Thomas Electrical & Solar

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