Conexie is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services possible. We understand that data is at the heart of everything we do, so we have developed a framework emphasising the importance of data, information, application, and continual improvement.


This is our Why and our How.


The business of data acquisition is complex and varied. There are so many meters and sensors and there are so many ways it can be done. We are the first to admit that it's not our core-business so we partner with people who live and breath these complexities every day. Once they develop the solution, we deploy it and surface your data.


We recognize the importance of data in making informed decisions. We source our data from a variety of sources, including existing devices, new devices, APIs, and a mix of these sources. Our goal is to ensure that we have accurate and relevant data to work with.


Data without context is meaningless, which is why we place great emphasis on adding context to the data we collect. This may involve calculations or processes that help us make sense of the data and provide useful insights.

Application: Once we have collected and analyzed our data, we use various tools within Conexie to apply it to our customers' needs. Our tools are designed to achieve the "how" in an effective and efficient way. These tools include:

  • Collaboration: We group all the right people to collaborate and resolve the issue or take action on the actionable insight. All within our website and iOS and Android native apps.
  • Awareness: We provide a continual narrative update to inform our customers about the data and its use.
  • Visualisation: We use graphs and charts to help our customers easily understand the data and make better-informed decisions.
  • Governance: We provide reports and reporting tools that help our customers govern and manage their data effectively.
  • Utilities: We offer processes that allow our customers to send their data to other systems or applications.

Continual Improvement

No matter how good things are, we believe there is always room for improvement.

With the combination of Conexie's tools you can de-silo, aggregate and collaborate on actionable insights that you may miss, hidden deep within your data

We believe that this framework sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to provide value to our customers in an unmatched way in the industry.