Case Study

Streamlining Invoicing: A Journey from Manual Data Handling to Automated Financial Workflow

Background: A client approached us with a challenge. They were spending numerous hours every month manually extracting data from various sources, manipulating it through spreadsheets, and then manually entering it into for invoicing.

Challenge: The principal challenge was the manual, time-consuming process of data extraction, manipulation, and entry which was prone to errors and inefficiencies.

Objective: To develop a solution that could aggregate existing data with the client’s complex CSV files and spreadsheets, run the necessary calculations, and seamlessly feed the finalized data into Xero for invoicing.

Solution: We embarked on a discovery phase to understand the client’s problems thoroughly and identify the friction points in their workflow. Post discovery, we designed and built a portal where the client could upload their CSV files. The portal was programmed to run the required calculations, merge this data with the data from various IoT devices, and produce a table of finalized data ready for invoicing.

But our solution didn’t stop there. We went a step further and built a custom connection with Xero. This connection allowed the automated transfer of data from the portal to Xero, turning the data for their 300+ clients into invoices. Once invoiced, the data was then extracted back to Conexie, ready to be sent to the recipients.

Results: This automation solution saved hundreds of manual data processing hours annually. It also virtually eliminated the room for error due to the automation and check-values we built to detect anomalies. The client now enjoys a streamlined, efficient, and more accurate invoicing process, which has not only reduced operational overheads but also improved the accuracy and timeliness of their invoicing.

Conclusion: This case exemplifies how Conexie’s innovative solutions can transition manual, error-prone processes into automated, efficient, and accurate workflows, saving time and resources while enhancing operational efficiency.