Curing Communication Chaos

  • February 24, 2022
  • 10:37:09

The entanglement of Communication Chaos is costing one of Australia’s largest companies over $3 million dollars each year.

Want to find out how to put that money somewhere more productive?

After spending six months working alongside one of Australia’s largest brands, conducting countless empathy interviews with staff at all levels, then digesting a truckload of feedback. We identified two key concerns that scream out to us that the enterprise communication software market has not solved.

  1. Any organisation with three or more tiers of management has costly, broken communication loops. With an evolving workforce, siloed technologies alone cannot match the needs of their customers. A triage tool must be wrapped around these systems for efficient workforces to exist.
  2. Communication chaos is inherent when you have an organisational structure that involves one individual being responsible for many, you create communication chaos. Without a fluid customisable communication software to automate how you manage these needs and inform these people, you suffer a significant cost.

Communication Chaos is a term we have coined as one of our own at Conexie. Something we truly understand, we intimately feel and most importantly something we have the insights to solve.

Without getting bogged down in the details, let’s say 1 Area Manager (AM) has 5 Business Managers (BM) under their management. 1 BM has 10 stores. Each store has 20 staff on the books and these staff are typically transient.

You now have 1000+ fragmented people requiring a tool that allows them to receive individually specific info and a way to submit an array of critical needs to their BM, and if relevant, AM.

Similarly, the RM has to curate dynamic operational targets to their BM’s in a way that is uniquely relevant to 10 stores or 1000 individual people. This is where the communication is most chaotic.

How many emails are overlooked, calls missed, small issues that quickly become large and what is the sentiment of your valued workers when its near impossible to acknowledge their concerns.

The numbers are as painful to read as they are to manage. Each month as a BM:

  • You are receiving over 2000 individual messages across 10 key topics. (Rostering/deliveries/compliance/safety/maintenance/HR/payroll/etc)
  • 30% of your team’s concerns go unheard altogether
  • 20% of your team don’t even bother reporting safety concerns as they don’t want to add to your chaos.
  • You are forced to double handle two-thirds of the requests you receive as you need to validate, request additional information and once finally actionable, manually input the need into a siloed software that the organisation provides.

In dollar value, that is 20-30% of your time wasted. Although frustrating for you as the BM, the key metric here is that is $300,000 a year from each region’s budget is being swept down the ever growing drain of operational inefficiencies (based on a $100,000 BM salary).

This is all without even touching on the pains in pushing critical dynamic information down the chain and the time taken to curate it, assuring its intended audience engages with it on a meaningful scale.

If you are a manager who would value taking this chaos and putting it into a single dashboard with dedicated environments created to assure optimal outcomes. Please get in touch and we can chat about the future of enterprise communication software.

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